Saturday, October 27, 2012

There was so much to say
And yet, she stood silent
Questions rose high in the air
And she stood silently watching
As they fell, scattered at her feet
Accusations, insinuations, assumptions
words varied, but all rooted
In the same old pain, the hurt
That had been inflicted
Needed to inflict hurt of its own
And so, she stood silent
Watching, love turn to regret,
Regret fester into anger
And anger explode into words
Of accusations, insinuations, and assumptions
Darts thrown into the air
And she stood silent
As they fell at her feet
She knew that she should respond
Perhaps react or protest, shed the tears
That clouded her eyes and engulfed her heart
But she stood silent
Waiting. For that moment
When anger would simmer down to regret
And regret would drop its pretense
to let the hurt surface
To hurl into the air a fresh new pain
As she stood silent.

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