Thursday, October 24, 2013

It has been a while
Since I tried to arrange my thoughts
And put pen to paper
The disarray in my mind
If I could but paint
A splash of varied colors
Layered one upon the other
Overlapping and blended
Thoughts large and small
Important and trivial
Consuming all the space
In my brain
Till it’s ready to explode
If I could but
Segregate, separate and isolate
And clear the clutter
And then I think of the painting
That would then be
Isolated blotches of color
Separate and set apart
Boring and monotonous
Categorized and compartmentalized
Is that how I would want it?
No… no way
I prefer the colorful chaos
That messes up my mind
One thought flitting past swiftly
Blending in with another
Creating a different hue of
Fluid chaos…